I am 1 out of 4500 women!! What makes me unique is that I have MRKH. I’m 26 years old and became diagnotiserad at 16 years of age.

Recently I was diagnosed with ”burnout depression” or ”burnout syndrome” (utmattningsdepression in swedish) and I have begun an inner, spiritual processing. I will try and share as much as I can, and hopefully you can fallow my journey to a possible recovery from my ”burnout depression” and perhaps, I will learn to live with MRKH.

Given that Swedish is my first languages the blog will mostly be in Swedish at this time even tho I would like to write in english so many more could take part of a life with MRKH and my story.

You all are welcome to ask questions and give comments!

mail: life.mrkh@gmail.com


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